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Delica DB0601 Silver-Lined Orange Japanese cylinder bead



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Miyuki Delica Beads are a precision-made cylinder shaped bead with a large hole that make them ideal for loomwork, peyote, brick stitch, square stitch, and other off-loom techniques. They weave together beautifully because of their uniform rectangular profile. We refer to them by their Miyuki-given color number, as there are no "official" Miyuki color names. We sell them packaged in bags, not tubes. Why? Because we weigh each bag we sell, and if it says "5 grams", you will get 5 grams of beads, not packaging. Our standard packaging size is 5 grams, which contains approximately 1000 beads, although for some of the more expensive colors/finishes, we drop down to 2.5 gram packages to keep it affordable. A size 11 Delica is actually a smidge smaller than it's seed bead "cousin"; it is closer to a size 12/0. Please reference our Bead Size Chart for more info. Also, these are the four durability evaluations from Miyuki on this particular color number:

DB0601 Silver-Lined (S/L) Orange Dyed:

  • Color which might change and / or fade due to bright sun or deterioration with time:There might be a problem in durability by individual use.
  • Color rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid:There might be a problem in durability by individual use.
  • Color which will alter or fade from dry-cleaning:There is not strong durability , so attention is required for use.
  • Nickel Use:There is no problem in usual use.

Alternative names for this part and variants:

11/0 is also known as: DB0601, DB-0601, DB601, DB-601

Miyuki's "Unified Color" number for this delica color is: 1434

Miyuki's generic english color name for this color is: Silver-Lined (S/L) Orange Dyed

This delica color is created by using a dye.

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