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Czech Opaque Light Purple 23020 Seed Bead



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Size 13/0: ½hank contains approximately 2100 beads strung on six 12-inch threads. Beads measure 1.7mm with a hole diameter of 0.5mm for transparent colors and 0.4mm for opaques. Approximately 24 to 27 beads per inch

Size 11/0: ½hank contains approximately 2300 beads strung on six 20-inch threads. Beads measure 2.1mm with a hole diameter of 0.6mm for transparent colors and 0.5mm for opaques. Approximately 18 to 20 beads per inch

Size 8/0: Strand contains approximately 250 beads strung on one 20-inch thread. Beads measure 2.9mm with a hole diameter of 0.9mm for transparent colors and 0.8mm for opaques. Approximately 12 to 13 beads per inch

Size 6/0: Strand contains approximately 150 beads strung on one 20-inch thread. Beads measure 4.1mm with a hole diameter of 1.1mm for transparent colors and 1.0mm for opaques. Approximately 7 to 8 beads per inch

Czech seed beads tend towards a doughnut shape, whereas Japanese seed beads are more cylindrical. If you need to work a circular motif, a Czech bead works better! Czech beads are a mainstay in traditional Native American beadwork.

Preciosa Ornela (formerly Jablonex) color number 23020

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